OpenAI 称纽约时报曾雇人入侵 ChatGPT

人工智能公司 OpenAI 在一份法庭文件中反击了纽约时报对其提起的诉讼——去年 12 月,纽约时报指控 OpenAI 的 AI 模型非法访问了其发表的数百万篇文章,导致其流量受损。OpenAI 反击称,纽约时报曾付钱让人入侵 OpenAI 的产品,以支持其诉讼。为了从该公司人工智能工具中生成与《纽约时报》内容完全匹配的回复,《纽约时报》进行了数万次尝试,并不得不向 ChatGPT 提供部分文章内容。此外,ChatGPT 并非《纽约时报》订阅的替代品,人们也不会以这种方式使用它的产品。

After a joint statement supporting the principles for the development of global 6G networks was released in countries such as the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom, stocks of ZTE Corporation and other Chinese telecom equipment manufacturers saw a significant increase. ZTE Corporation rose by 10% on Tuesday, hitting the daily limit for gains, and its Hong Kong stock closed with an 11% increase on the same day. Integrated circuit board manufacturer Sunshine Global Circuits and electrical connector manufacturer Shaanxi Huada Science Technology saw their stock prices rise by 20% each, while Shennan Circuits rose by 10%. Recently, the United States and nine other countries issued a joint statement urging support for national security, privacy, and other principles in the development of global 6G networks.



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