OpenAI 新工具可鉴别由 DALL-E 3 生成的图片

当地时间周二,OpenAI 推出了一款新工具,该工具可检测特定的图片是否是由该公司的 AI 作图工具 DALL-E 3 生成的。该工具的检测准确率很高,官方宣称多数情况下(前提是图像未经修改)检测准确率可达 98%。但如果对图片进行微小改动,就可能让它感到 “困惑”,但仍能准确识别。OpenAI 还表示,将加入一个由微软和 Adobe 联合创立的行业组织,以为在线图片创建内容凭证。

On Tuesday, local time, OpenAI launched a new tool that can detect whether specific images were generated by the company’s AI image generation tool, DALL-E 3. The tool has a high detection accuracy, with the official claim that in most cases (assuming the images are unaltered), the detection accuracy can reach 98%. However, making minor modifications to the images may “confuse” the tool, although it can still accurately recognize them. OpenAI also announced that it will join an industry organization co-founded by Microsoft and Adobe to establish credentials for online image creation.

OpenAI新工具可鉴别由DALL-E 3生成的图片


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