WhatsApp 正测试 AI 编辑照片选项


WhatsApp 正在测试用 AI 帮助用户编辑照片的功能。这将包括三个选项,即替换图像背景的 Backdrop 功能、通过 AI 滤镜变换图像风格的 Restyle 选项、可扩展图像大小的 Expand 选项。Backdrop 和 Restyle 选项也同时在 Facebook 和 Instagram 的图像编辑器中推出,Expand 选项目前仅适用于 WhatsApp。这些选项在 Android 版 WhatsApp Beta 版 中被发现,但还不能实际使用,尚不清楚正式发布时间。

WhatsApp is testing AI-powered photo editing features. This will include three options: Backdrop, which allows users to replace the background of an image with an AI-generated background; Restyle, which applies AI filters to transform the style of an existing image; and Expand, which enables users to resize images. Backdrop and Restyle options have also been introduced in the image editors of Facebook and Instagram, while Expand is currently exclusive to WhatsApp. These options were discovered in the Android version of WhatsApp Beta but are not yet functional, and the official release date is unknown.



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