Vivaldi 浏览器发布了 Windows Arm 预览版

Vivaldi 浏览器发布了适用于 Windows Arm 芯片的版本。这是一个预览版本,尚未纳入 Vivaldi 的自动化测试系统,仅在一台硬件上进行了 “轻微测试”。因此官方提示可能存在严重问题。Google 早些时候已经发布了基于 Arm64 架构的 Chromium 版本,而 Vivaldi 的 Arm 版正是基于这个版本开发的。目前基于 Arm 处理器的 Windows 计算机还很少,但预计随着高通的 Snapdragon X Elite 于今年晚些时候发布,情况将发生改变。此外,Firefox 浏览器也在尝试为 Arm 开发适用版本。Edge 和 Brave 已为 Windows Arm 提供了实验性版本。

Vivaldi browser has released a version for Windows Arm chips. This version is a preview and has not been integrated into Vivaldi’s automated testing system. It has only undergone “limited testing” on specific hardware. Therefore, the company cautions that there may be significant issues with the release. Google has previously released a Chromium version based on the Arm64 architecture, which Vivaldi’s Arm version is built upon. Currently, there are relatively few computers running Windows on Arm processors, but it is expected to change with the release of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite later this year. Additionally, Firefox browser is also attempting to develop a compatible version for Arm. Edge and Brave have already provided experimental versions for Windows Arm.

Vivaldi浏览器发布了Windows Arm预览版


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