Firefox for iOS 在欧洲的安装量大幅增长

软餐获悉,Firefox 浏览器的 iOS 版本在欧洲的安装量显著增长——Firefox for iOS 在德国的安装量增长了 50%,在法国增长了 30%。增长是在苹果开始在 iOS 中提供浏览器选择界面之后发生的。Mozilla 没有披露其他地区的数据。随着 iOS 将在欧盟开放浏览器的引擎,WebKit 引擎的垄断局面即将彻底改变。例如 Brave 正在考虑为 iOS 发布基于 Chromium 的浏览器版本,其他厂商也正在推进类似计划。但这也将提高浏览器厂商的开发维护成本,因为它们不得不同时在全球维护两个引擎版本。

The installation of Firefox browser for iOS has seen a significant increase in Europe. Firefox for iOS experienced a 50% growth in installations in Germany and a 30% growth in France. This growth occurred after Apple introduced a browser choice screen in iOS. Mozilla did not disclose data for other regions. The monopoly of the WebKit engine in iOS is expected to change with the opening of browser engines in the European Union. For instance, Brave is considering releasing a version of its browser based on Chromium for iOS, and other vendors are also pursuing similar plans. However, this will raise the development and maintenance costs for browser vendors as they will need to maintain two engine versions simultaneously on a global scale.

Firefox for iOS在欧洲的安装量大幅增长


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