ChatGPT 推出「大声朗读」功能,将文本回答转为语音

软餐获悉,OpenAI 发布了 ChatGPT 的 Read Aloud(大声朗读)功能。该功能适用于 GPT-4 和 GPT-3.5 用户。聊天机器人可以将文本转化为音频并读出内容。该功能在 ChatGPT 在 ChatGPT 的网页版和 iOS、Android 上均可使用。ChatGPT 的 Read Aloud 功能支持 37 种语言,提供 5 种声音。用户还可以选择让 ChatGPT 聊天机器人始终以口头方式回应问题。去年,OpenAI 已经发布了 ChatGPT 应用程序版本的语音提问和回复功能。但通过 Read Aloud,用户现在还可以让生成的文本回答被朗读出来。

OpenAI has released the Read Aloud feature for ChatGPT. This feature is available for users of GPT-4 and GPT-3.5. The chatbot is capable of converting text into audio and reading it aloud. The Read Aloud functionality is available on the web version of ChatGPT as well as on iOS and Android platforms. It supports 37 languages and provides a selection of five voices. Users also have the option to have the ChatGPT chatbot respond verbally to their queries consistently. Last year, OpenAI introduced the voice command and response feature for the app version of ChatGPT. However, with Read Aloud, users can now have the generated text responses read out loud.



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