Reddit 已授权某巨头用其内容训练 AI

消息人士说,Reddit 与一家 “大型人工智能公司” 签署了一项许可协议,后者将使用 Reddit 用户生成的内容训练其人工智能模型。这将是一项每年价值超过 5550 万欧元的协议。尚不清楚涉及哪家公司。去年 10 月,Reddit 威胁说,如果它未能与人工智能公司达成协议以支付数据费用,它将阻止搜索引擎爬虫 Google 和 Bing。

Insiders say that Reddit has signed a licensing agreement with a “major artificial intelligence company” that will utilize user-generated content from Reddit to train its AI models. The agreement is valued at over 55.5 million euros annually. It is currently unclear which company is involved in the agreement. In October of last year, Reddit threatened to block search engine crawlers from Google and Bing if it failed to reach an agreement with an AI company to pay for data usage fees.



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