OpenAI 等公司曾与中国专家讨论人工智能规则议题

软餐获悉,据英国《金融时报》,知情人士透露,OpenAI、Anthropic 和 Cohere 等几家人工智能公司与中国专家就人工智能的规则和法律进行了讨论。这些会谈分别于去年 7 月和 10 月在日内瓦进行,会谈由政治顾问公司 Shaikh Group 召集。专家们就参与技术合作的领域进行了讨论,并提出了更具体的政策建议,其目的是就人工智能开发应该遵守的规则达成一致。这些建议为 2023 年 7 月联合国安理会人工智能会议和去年 11 月英国人工智能峰会的讨论提供了帮助。Shaikh Group 证实了这些会议的举行。OpenAI 证实,其全球事务团队的一名成员参加了会谈;Anthropic 和 Cohere 拒绝发表评论;参与会议的清华大学没有回应置评请求。

According to the Financial Times, several artificial intelligence companies, including OpenAI, Anthropic, and Cohere, have held discussions with Chinese experts regarding rules and laws surrounding artificial intelligence. The meetings were convened by the political advisory firm Shaikh Group. These undisclosed talks took place in Geneva in July and October of last year. It is reported that the experts discussed areas of collaboration and put forth more specific policy recommendations, which aided discussions at the United Nations Security Council’s AI conference in July 2023 and the UK AI Summit in November of last year. Shaikh Group confirmed the occurrence of these meetings. OpenAI confirmed the participation of a member from its global affairs team. Anthropic and Cohere declined to comment, and Tsinghua University, which participated in the meetings, did not respond to requests for comment.



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