Twitch 禁止直播时暗示身体裸露信息

软餐获悉,亚马逊拥有的直播平台 Twitch 再度收紧了裸露政策。现在主播不再被允许 “暗示部分或完全裸体”。去年 12 月,Twitch 平台曾放宽了该政策。但 Twitch 发现有主播开始使用物体来隐藏身体或衣服,或使用特殊的角度放置摄像头,以制造裸体的印象,尽管很多主播实际并未裸体。Twitch 认为这种操作会破坏观众的体验。

去年 12 月,Twitch 曾放宽了裸露政策,新政策允许性暗示内容,但用户必须用 “性主题” 标签标记自己的直播,以免它们出现在首页上。

Amazon-owned live streaming platform Twitch has tightened its nudity policy once again. Streamers are no longer allowed to “imply partial or full nudity.” The policy was relaxed in December of last year, but Twitch found that some streamers were using objects to hide their bodies or clothing, or utilizing specific camera angles to create the impression of nudity. Despite not actually being nude, Twitch deemed this implication to be detrimental to the viewer experience.

In December of last year, Twitch relaxed its nudity policy, allowing for sexually suggestive content. However, users were required to label their streams with a “Sexual Content” tag to prevent them from appearing on the homepage.

Twitch 禁止直播时暗示身体裸露信息


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