Telegram 称未受到 App Store 中国区下架事件影响

Telegram 创始人帕维尔·杜罗夫(Pavel Durov)称,Telegram 没有受到被 App Store 中国区下架一事的影响。上周,App Store 中国区商店中下架了 WhatsApp、Threads、Telegram 和 Signal 等多款应用。Pavel Durov 表示,没有看到 Telegram 在中国下载量减少的迹象。他声称 Telegram 在中国是 Google Play 下载量最多的移动应用程序。Pavel Durov 还认为,相比于 Android 用户支持侧载应用程序的特性,iPhone 处于劣势,其在中国的市场份额将继续缩小,苹果正因其在应用程序上的封闭政策 “自食苦果”。

Telegram founder Pavel Durov stated that Telegram has not been affected by the removal from the Chinese App Store. He mentioned that there have been no signs of decreased downloads for Telegram in China. He claimed that Telegram is the most downloaded mobile app on Google Play in China. Pavel Durov also believes that iPhones are at a disadvantage compared to Android users who support sideloading applications, and as a result, the market share of iPhones in China will continue to shrink. Apple is experiencing the consequences of its closed policies regarding applications.

Telegram称未受到App Store中国区下架事件影响


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