OpenAI 2023 年营业额达 16 亿美元

据 The Information,OpenAI 在 2023 年的营业额达到 16 亿美元。匿名消息人士说,这家美国研究机构每月的营业额大约为 1.3 亿美元。OpenAI 在今年 10 月已经创造了 13 亿美元的营业额。现在该数字已增加到约 16 亿美元。相比之下,它在 2022 年的营业额约为 2800 万美元。OpenAI 目前正在进行新一轮的融资。该公司希望以 1000 亿美元的估值进行融资。OpenAI 以其开发的 AI 聊天机器人 ChatGPT、AI 图像生成器 Dall-E 和语音识别软件 Whisper 而闻名。

According to The Information, OpenAI generated a revenue of $1.6 billion in 2023. Anonymous sources suggest that this American research institution has a monthly revenue of approximately $130 million. OpenAI had already reached a revenue of $1.3 billion in October of this year, and now that figure has increased to around $1.6 billion. In comparison, its revenue in 2022 was approximately $28 million. OpenAI is currently engaged in a new round of fundraising, aiming for a valuation of $100 billion. OpenAI is renowned for its development of AI chatbot ChatGPT, AI image generator Dall-E, and speech recognition software Whisper.

OpenAI 2023年营业额达16亿美元


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