iMessage 第三方客户端 Beeper 停止开发,称斗不过苹果

软餐获悉,iMessage 第三方安卓客户端 Beeper 官方发布声明说,将不再支持该项目。该公司称它根本无法与地球上最大的公司进行 “猫捉老鼠的游戏”。Beeper 未来将会把重点转到独立项目上,它表示将专注于打造 “地球上最好的聊天应用程序”。

Beeper 在最近发布之后迅速流行,但很快就被苹果封禁,随后该公司声称找到了新的解决方案,即通过用户自有的 Mac 设备实现对 iMessage 的访问,没想到这种方案也迅速被苹果 “剿灭” 了。Beeper Mini 提供的最新方案是用户获得可以越狱的旧 iPhone,例如 iPhone 6、6S、SE、7 或 8 等。使用 Mac 或 Linux 计算机,iPhone 可以越狱并使用特殊的 Beeper Mini 工具进行安装,该工具会生成唯一的 iMessage 注册码。可以将此代码添加到 Beeper Mini 安卓应用程序中,以在 iMessage 中注册电话号码。只要 iPhone 在家中保持插电状态并连接到 WiFi,Beeper Mini 将持续为 Android 用户工作。

同时,Beeper Mini 和 Beeper Cloud 现已在 GitHub 上完全开源。官方称任何人都可以使用它继续开发。该公司同时称,“我们相信我们已经创造了 Apple 可以容忍的东西。如果此解决方案下线,我们目前没有任何响应计划。”

iMessage third-party Android client Beeper officially announced that it will no longer support the project. The company claims that it cannot play a “cat and mouse game” with the largest company on Earth. Beeper will focus on independent projects in the future, aiming to create “the best chat application on Earth.”

After its recent release, Beeper quickly gained popularity but was soon banned by Apple. The company then claimed to have found a new solution, which is to access iMessage through users’ own Mac devices. However, this solution was also swiftly eliminated by Apple. The latest solution provided by Beeper Mini is for users to obtain jailbreakable old iPhones such as iPhone 6, 6S, SE, 7 or 8. By using a Mac or Linux computer, the iPhone can be jailbroken and installed with the special Beeper Mini tool that generates a unique iMessage registration code. This code can be added to the Beeper Mini Android application for phone number registration in iMessage. As long as the iPhone remains plugged in at home and connected to WiFi, Beeper Mini will continue working for Android users.

Meanwhile, both Beeper Mini and Beeper Cloud are now fully open source on GitHub. The official statement says anyone can use them for further development. The company also states that “we believe we have created something tolerable by Apple standards. If this solution goes offline, we currently have no response plan.”

iMessage 第三方客户端Beeper停止开发,称斗不过苹果


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