Beeper Mini 找到了稳定访问 iMessage 的新方法

软餐获悉,iMessage 第三方安卓版客户端 Beeper Mini 声称,已经找到了可继续稳定访问和使用 iMessage 的方法。最近 Beeper Mini 和 Beeper Cloud 多次被苹果封锁新的方法要求用户拥有自己的 Mac 或借用朋友的 Mac 来注册该服务。这台 Mac 将用于生成 iMessage 的注册数据。十到二十个用户可以共同使用一台 Mac 来为该服务进行注册。用户可以通过适用于 Mac 的 Beeper Cloud 应用程序生成注册数据。Beeper 官方将在 12 月 20 日星期三更新其应用程序以添加此功能。

据 Beeper 所说,正是由于这些注册数据才导致了该服务被苹果封锁,此前 Beeper 一直使用其自有的 Mac 服务器来完成此操作。但由于数千名 Beeper 用户使用相同的注册数据,这很容易被苹果封禁。拥有自己的 Mac 设备,可以更稳定地访问 iMessage。Beeper 称其测试这种新方法非常可靠。需要注意的是,相关 Mac 设备必须 “定期更新” 注册数据以继续使用 Beeper,大约每周或每月一次。因此,相关 Mac 设备需要 “定期” 开启以刷新数据。

The third-party Android client of iMessage, Beeper Mini, claims to have found a method to continue accessing and using iMessage stably. Recently, both Beeper Mini and Beeper Cloud have been blocked by Apple multiple times. However, the new method requires users to own their own Mac or borrow a friend’s Mac to register for this service. This Mac will be used to generate registration data for iMessage. Ten to twenty users can use one Mac together to register for this service. Users can generate registration data through the Beeper Cloud application available for Mac. The official update of the Beeper app on Wednesday, December 20th will add this feature.

According to Beeper, it is precisely because of these registration data that the service has been blocked by Apple. Previously, Beeper had been using its own Mac servers to perform this operation. However, due to thousands of Beeper users using the same registration data, it was easily banned by Apple. Having your own Mac device allows for more stable access to iMessage. Beeper claims that they have tested this new method and found it very reliable. It should be noted that the related Mac devices must “regularly update” the registration data in order to continue using Beeper, approximately once a week or month. Therefore, the related Mac devices need to be “regularly” turned on in order to refresh the data.

Beeper Mini找到了稳定访问iMessage的新方法


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