iMessage 第三方安卓客户端 Beeper Mini 发布

iMessage第三方安卓客户端Beeper Mini发布

软餐获悉,即时聊天应用程序 Beeper 推出了一款名为 Beeper Mini 的 iMessage 客户端(Google Play),这允许用户在 Android 设备上使用无需 Apple ID,即可通过 iMessage 与 iPhone 用户进行聊天。该应用程序使用了逆向工程的 iMessage 堆栈,并直接与苹果服务器通信,并接收本地加密和解密的 iMessage 消息。Beeper Mini 作为独立应用程序提供,该服务每月收费 2 美元。Beeper Mini 支持包括 “蓝色聊天气泡” 以及语音消息、群组对话、表情反馈、贴纸等功能。Beeper Mini 的代码将开源,以便其他人可以验证该应用程序的操作。

Beeper Mini 与现有的 Android iMessage 客户端有何不同?——Beeper Mini 不需要用户提供 Apple ID。而其他最近因隐私问题而受到负面报道的 iMessage Android 应用程序(如 Sunbird 和 Nothing Chats)在数据中心使用 Mac 电脑,Android 用户可使用 Apple ID 登录,iMessage 消息将被转发到那些 Mac 电脑上,并转换为 iMessage 格式后再发送给 iPhone 接收者。

苹果尚未对 Beeper Mini 的问世做出回应。

The instant messaging application Beeper has launched an iMessage client called Beeper Mini, which allows users to chat with iPhone users via iMessage on Android devices without needing an Apple ID. The application utilizes a reverse-engineered iMessage stack and communicates directly with Apple servers, receiving locally encrypted and decrypted iMessage messages. Beeper Mini is offered as a standalone application and charges $2 per month for the service. It supports features such as “blue chat bubbles,” voice messages, group conversations, emoji reactions, stickers, etc. The code of Beeper Mini will be open-source for others to verify the operation of the application.

How is Beeper Mini different from existing Android iMessage clients? – Beeper Mini does not require users to provide an Apple ID. In contrast, other recently negatively reported iMessage Android applications (such as Sunbird and Nothing Chats) use Mac computers in data centers where Android users can log in with their Apple IDs. The iMessage messages are then forwarded to those Mac computers and converted into the iMessage format before being sent to iPhone recipients.

Apple has not yet responded to the release of Beeper Mini.

iMessage第三方安卓客户端Beeper Mini发布


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