OpenAI 开发的 Q*模型意义非凡

软餐获悉,有消息说,OpenAI 正在开发的 Q*(发音为 Q Star)可以利用大量计算能力独立解决数学问题,这是当前模型通常无法做到的,它在具有经济价值的任务上可超越人类。借此,OpenAI 将向通用人工智能(AGI)迈出一大步。该项目导致了 OpenAI 内部的分裂。有些人主张阻止人工智能的发展,因为它有可能毁灭人类。另一些人则不相信,并希望尽快进一步开发人工智能系统。该模型的开发导致董事兼创始人萨姆·奥尔特曼上周辞职。

[The Q* model developed by OpenAI holds significant significance] There are reports that OpenAI is developing Q* (pronounced as Q Star), which can independently solve mathematical problems using a significant amount of computational power. This is a capability that current models typically struggle with, and it has the potential to surpass humans in economically valuable tasks. Through this development, OpenAI is taking a significant step towards general artificial intelligence (AGI). The project has caused a split within OpenAI itself. Some advocate for halting the progress of artificial intelligence, as they believe it has the potential to destroy humanity. Others are more optimistic and wish to further develop AI systems as quickly as possible. The development of this model resulted in the resignation of Sam Altman, the board member and co-founder of OpenAI, last week.

OpenAI 开发的Q*模型意义非凡
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