YouTube 否认故意针对 Firefox 降速

软餐获悉,谷歌否认针对 Firefox 浏览器故意延迟了 YouTube 的加载速度。该公司通过外媒发布声明称:“为了支持全球多元化的创作者生态系统,并让数十亿人在 YouTube 上访问他们喜爱的内容,我们发起了一项活动,敦促启用了广告拦截器的观看者允许在 YouTube 上投放广告,或尝试使用 YouTube Premium 以获得无广告体验。安装了广告拦截器的用户可能会遇到观看效果不佳的情况,无论他们使用什么浏览器。

谷歌的声明确实间接否认了传言,并且指出延迟是因广告拦截扩展引起的。本周早些时候,有 Reddit 用户发现,YouTube 似乎置入了导致 Firefox 加载视频延迟的代码。

Google denies deliberately delaying YouTube’s loading speed for Firefox. The company said in a statement: “To support a diverse ecosystem of creators globally and allow billions to access their favorite content on YouTube, we’ve launched an effort to urge viewers with ad blockers enabled to allow ads on YouTube or try YouTube Premium for an ad free experience. Users who have ad blockers installed may experience suboptimal viewing, regardless of the browser they are using.”

Google’s statement did indirectly deny the rumors and pointed out that the delay was caused by the expansion of ad blocking. Earlier this week, Reddit users noticed that YouTube appeared to have embedded code that caused Firefox to delay loading videos.

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