How to Check If DuckAssist is Enabled

How to Check If DuckAssist is Enabled

DuckDuckGo’s recently released AI-powered search tool, DuckAssist, has gained attention for using knowledge data from Wikipedia to generate answers for users’ search queries.

While DuckAssist is still in testing, it appears to be limited to specific users, according to tests. The company says it will soon be released to all users if testing goes well.

Before that happens, you can check whether you have the option to use this feature. Visit the DuckDuckGo homepage, go to the top-right menu, select “Settings,” then “All Settings.” There should be a new “Instant Answers” option, which corresponds to the latest DuckAssist feature. If it’s not enabled, turn it on manually, as shown above.

Then wait for the official launch of this new feature.


How to Check If DuckAssist is Enabled





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