Netflix 终止支持第二代和第三代 Apple TV

Netflix 宣布将于 7 月 31 日终止对第二代和第三代 Apple TV 机型的支持。这些设备已有十多年的历史了,苹果公司也已很久未对这些型号提供支持。这两款机型都早于 tvOS 及其 App Store,因此预装了一系列应用程序。苹果于 2016 年为第三代 Apple TV 发布了最后一次更新。Netflix 将继续支持 2015 款 Apple TV HD 和 Apple TV 4K 机型。去年底,Netflix 也宣布停止支持多款旧款索尼电视

Netflix has announced that it will end support for second- and third-generation Apple TV models on July 31. These devices are over a decade old, and Apple has not provided support for them in years. Both models predate tvOS and its App Store, instead featuring a collection of pre-installed apps. Apple released its last update for the third-generation Apple TV in 2016. Netflix will continue to support the 2015 Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K. Late last year, Netflix also announced that it was dropping support for several older Sony TVs.

Netflix终止支持第二代和第三代 Apple TV


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