ChatGPT 已支持分析 Google Drive 和 OneDrive 文件链接

ChatGPT已支持分析Google Drive和 OneDrive 文件链接

ChatGPT 的付费用户现在可以直接将 Google Drive 和 Microsoft OneDrive 链接到该 AI 助手。这允许 ChatGPT 直接从云存储服务分析文件,而无需用户手动下载及上传它们。官方称,ChatGPT Plus 或其中一个商业包的用户现在可以通过链接将自己的 Google Drive 或 Microsoft OneDrive 文件直接链接到 ChatGPT。ChatGPT 可以分析文件并回答有关的问题。此外,OpenAI 还改进了 ChatGPT 分析数据集的方式。当用户上传数据集时,ChatGPT 会编写 Python 代码来分析这些数据集。从现在开始,数据集也将在界面中显示为交互式表格。

ChatGPT’s paying users can now directly link their Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to the AI assistant. This allows ChatGPT to analyze files directly from cloud storage services without the need for users to manually download and upload them. According to official sources, users of ChatGPT Plus or one of the commercial plans can now link their Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive files directly to ChatGPT. ChatGPT can analyze the files and provide answers to related questions. Additionally, OpenAI has made improvements to how ChatGPT handles analyzed datasets. When users upload datasets, ChatGPT generates Python code to analyze the datasets. Starting now, datasets will also be displayed as interactive tables in the interface.

ChatGPT已支持分析Google Drive和 OneDrive 文件链接
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