Google 之后,OpenAI 也要用 Reddit 的帖子训练 AI

社区网站 Reddit 和 OpenAI 周四宣布,他们已经签署了一项许可协议。根据协议,OpenAI 将被允许使用 Reddit 的帖子来训练其大语言模型(LLM),该平台还将为 Reddit 用户和版主提供 AI 功能。此外,OpenAI 还将成为 Reddit 的广告合作伙伴。尚不清楚该协议涉及的金额。今年初,Reddit 与谷歌签署了一项价值 6000 万美元的许可协议,谷歌将被允许使用该社区的内容训练 AI。

Reddit and OpenAI announced on Thursday that they have signed a licensing agreement. According to the agreement, OpenAI will be allowed to use Reddit posts to train its large language model (LLM), and the platform will also provide AI capabilities for Reddit users and moderators. Furthermore, OpenAI will become an advertising partner for Reddit. The financial details of the agreement have not been disclosed yet. Earlier this year, Reddit signed a $60 million licensing agreement with Google, granting Google permission to use the community’s content for AI training.

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