OpenAI 下周推出基于 AI 的搜索引擎

匿名消息人士说,OpenAI 将于 5 月 13 日推出基于人工智能的搜索引擎。这将是 5 月 14 日搜索引擎巨头谷歌年度 I/O 开发者大会的前一天,时间安排被认为充满挑战意味。据悉,该 AI 搜索引擎将基于 ChatGPT AI 聊天机器人,它将在网络上搜索问题和查询的答案。它将和 Google 搜索、Bing 搜索引擎竞争,还将与 AI 搜索初创公司 Perplexity 竞争。实际上,谷歌也一直在开发基于 AI 的搜索引擎 SGE(搜索生成体验)。

According to anonymous sources, OpenAI is set to launch an AI-powered search engine on May 13th. This timing, just a day before Google’s annual I/O developer conference, is seen as a challenging move. The AI search engine is said to be based on the ChatGPT AI chatbot, which will search the web for questions and queries and provide citations from its search results. It will compete with Google Search and Bing search engines, as well as AI search startup Perplexity. In fact, Google has been developing its own AI-based search engine called SGE (Search Generated Experience).

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