Win10 的更新包将大幅减小

微软宣布将缩小 Windows 10 的更新包。为此,从 Windows 10 22H2 开始将引入之前用于 Win11 的 “高效打包” 技术,更新包将更小,安全补丁的安装速度将更快。这项技术使得 Windows 11 的更新大小减少了 40%。Windows 10 第一个较小的更新是 KB5036979。运行 Windows 10 版本 22H2 的设备将看到该更新为 650MB,而 4 月 9 日的更新为 830MB。

Microsoft has announced that it will reduce the size of updates for Windows 10. To achieve this, the “Efficient Packaging” technology previously used for Windows 11 will be introduced starting from Windows 10 22H2. This will result in smaller update packages and faster installation speed for security patches. This technology has already reduced the update size of Windows 11 by 40%. The first smaller update for Windows 10 is KB5036979. Devices running Windows 10 version 22H2 will see this update as 650MB, compared to the April 9th update which was 830MB.



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