Win11 镜像精简工具 Tiny11 Builder 更新了

软餐获悉,可将 Windows 11 原版镜像精简为轻量版系统的开源工具 Tiny11 Builder 更新了。Tiny11 Builder 可根据用户的偏好创建定制版的 Windows 11 镜像,是现成的 Tiny11 之外的新选择,适合动手能力强的读者。可参考我们较早前的介绍。本次更新后的 Tiny11 Builder 使用了 PowerShell,用户应在使用该项目之前将执行策略设置为无限制。请以管理员身份运行 PowerShell,并执行 Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted 命令。

从 GitHub 存储库下载 Tiny11 Builder

The open-source tool Tiny11 Builder, which allows for the customization of Windows 11 images by reducing unnecessary components, has been updated. Users can create a tailored version of Windows 11 based on their preferences using Tiny11 Builder, providing an alternative to the pre-existing Tiny11 option. This tool is suitable for readers with advanced technical skills. Please refer to our earlier introduction for more details. The updated version of Tiny11 Builder now utilizes PowerShell, and users are advised to set the execution policy to unrestricted prior to using the project. To do so, run PowerShell as an administrator and execute the command “Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted.”

Win11镜像精简工具Tiny11 Builder更新了


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