Microsoft Copilot 遭美众议院内部禁用

美国众议院已阻止其工作人员使用微软的人工智能助理 Microsoft Copilot。众议院首席行政官凯瑟琳·斯平多(Catherine Szpindor)在指导意见中称,所有 Copilot 功能都将被阻止并从其工作人员使用的 Windows 设备中删除。Microsoft Copilot 应用程序已被网络安全办公室视为对用户构成风险,因为有可能将众议院数据泄露给未经众议院批准的云服务。该禁令适用于 Copilot 的当前商业版本。微软发言人回应称,该公司认识到政府对数据有更高的安全要求。微软计划推出 “政府版” 聊天机器人。

The U.S. House of Representatives has blocked its staff from using Microsoft’s artificial intelligence assistant, Microsoft Copilot. Catherine Szpindor, the Chief Administrative Officer of the House, stated in guidance that all Copilot functionality will be blocked and removed from Windows devices used by House staff. The Microsoft Copilot application has been deemed a risk to users by the Office of Cybersecurity, as it could potentially expose House data to cloud services not approved by the House. This ban applies to the current commercial version of Copilot. A Microsoft spokesperson responded by acknowledging that the government has higher security requirements for data. Microsoft had previously planned to release a “Government Edition” of the chatbot.

Microsoft Copilot遭美众议院内部禁用


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