Win11 重新支持向地址栏拖动文件


微软正面向 Beta 通道推送预览更新 Win11 build 22635.3420。软餐获悉,微软在该版本中修复了【无法将文件和文件夹拖到文件资源管理器地址栏】的问题。该问题在去年底 Windows 11 23H2 发布时引入。现在,在 Win11 build 22635.3420 中,Windows 11 预览版允许用户将对象拖放到文件资源管理器的地址栏。

Microsoft is currently rolling out a preview update, Win11 build 22635.3420, to the Beta channel. In this version, Microsoft has addressed the issue of “unable to drag files and folders to File Explorer address bar.” This problem was introduced with the release of Windows 11 23H2 at the end of last year. Now, in Win11 build 22635.3420, the Windows 11 preview allows users to drag and drop objects onto the File Explorer address bar.

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