Chrome for ARM64 版发布了

Chrome 浏览器终于推出了适用于 ARM64 的原生版本。Chrome for ARM64 可以为基于 ARM 的 Windows PC 用户提供更快、更流畅的使用体验。谷歌表示,计划购买即将推出的配备 Snapdragon X Elite 处理器的电脑的客户将获得 “更大的性能提升”。Chrome for ARM64 的测试版于几个月前首次亮相。

The Chrome browser has finally released a native version for ARM64. Chrome for ARM64 offers faster and smoother user experience for Windows PC users based on ARM architecture. Google has stated that customers planning to purchase upcoming computers equipped with the Snapdragon X Elite processor will experience “greater performance improvements.” The beta version of Chrome for ARM64 made its debut several months ago.

Chrome for ARM64版发布了


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