Firefox 124 稳定版发布

软餐获悉,Mozilla 发布了 Firefox 124 稳定版。

  • Firefox View 页面显示了打开的标签页和最近关闭的标签页的概览。Firefox 124 中,这些标签页可按照最近的活动或在浏览器中的顺序进行排序。
  • Pull to Refresh(下拉刷新)功能现在已为 Android 用户默认启用,他们可以通过下拉页面来刷新页面。
  • Caret Browsing 模式允许用户使用键盘箭头键浏览网页,在浏览器中查看 PDF 文档时也可使用该模式。
  • 在 Firefox 124 中,Mozilla 还增加了对 Screen Wake Lock API 的支持。这使用户可以防止设备在不需要时调暗或锁定屏幕。
  • Firefox 还在使用鼠标时添加了对 HTML 拖放 API 的支持,使用户可以使用鼠标将文本或 HTML 文本从其他程序拖放到浏览器中。
  • 对于 macOS 用户,Firefox 现在默认对所有占满屏幕的窗口使用全屏 API。用户可通过在 “about:config” 中将 “full-screen-api.macos-native-full-screen” 设置为 “false” 来关闭此功能。
  • Firefox 124 不包含 Cookie Banner Blocker 功能,该功能在最近的 Firefox Beta 版本中存在。用户可以使用该功能自动拒绝 Cookie 横幅。Quick Action 功能也不可用,该功能允许用户通过地址栏快速执行不同的操作。

Mozilla has released Firefox 124 stable version.

  • Firefox View displays an overview of open and recently closed tabs. In Firefox 124, these tabs can be sorted based on recent activity or their order in the browser.
  • The Pull to Refresh feature is now enabled by default for Android users, allowing them to refresh pages by pulling them down.
  • Caret Browsing mode enables users to navigate web pages using keyboard arrow keys, and it can also be used when viewing PDF documents in the browser.
  • In Firefox 124, Mozilla has added support for the Screen Wake Lock API, which allows users to prevent devices from dimming or locking the screen when not necessary.
  • Firefox has also introduced support for the HTML drag-and-drop API when using a mouse, enabling users to drag and drop text or HTML content from other programs into the browser.
  • For macOS users, Firefox now defaults to using the fullscreen API for all windows that fill the screen. Users can disable this feature by setting “full-screen-api.macos-native-full-screen” to “false” in “about:config”.
  • Firefox 124 does not include the Cookie Banner Blocker feature, which exists in recent Firefox Beta versions. This feature allows users to automatically reject cookie banners. The Quick Action feature is also not available, which enables users to quickly perform different actions from the address bar.
Firefox 124稳定版发布
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