Win11 更新致 ASUS ROG Ally 性能下降

2024 年 3 月的 Windows 11 “星期二补丁日”更新,即 KB5035853 可能会导致 ASUS ROG Ally 性能下降。该手持游戏机的用户报告了性能下降问题,同时似乎也会影响其他 AMD 硬件。反馈显示,ASUS ROG Ally 和 AMD 笔记本电脑都出现了卡顿现象,数据显示游戏以每秒 60 帧的速度运行,但感觉更像是以每秒 15 帧的速度运行,无论是在新游戏如《博德之门 3》还是在旧游戏如《毁灭战士 II》都会出现该问题。Windows Latest 报道称,通过关闭游戏中的叠加窗口并重新启动设备,有可能解决 ASUS ROG Ally 的性能问题。另外,卸载 KB5035853 更新也能解决该问题。

The Windows 11 “Patch Tuesday” update for March 2024, known as KB5035853, may cause performance issues on the ASUS ROG Ally. Users of the handheld gaming console have reported experiencing performance drops, which seem to affect other AMD hardware as well. Feedback indicates that both the ASUS ROG Ally and AMD laptops exhibit stuttering. While the games are reported to run at 60 frames per second, users perceive a framerate closer to 15 frames per second. This issue occurs in both newer games like Baldur’s Gate 3 and older games like DOOM II. Windows Latest suggests that disabling the in-game overlay and restarting the device may potentially resolve the performance issues on the ASUS ROG Ally. Additionally, uninstalling the KB5035853 update can also address the problem.

Win11更新致ASUS ROG Ally性能下降


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