Mozilla 推出个人兴趣分享应用 Didthis

[ 更新于 2024 年 3 月 26 日 0:10 ]


软餐获悉,Mozilla 推出了新的应用程序 Didthis,这是一款用于追踪和与感兴趣的人分享个人兴趣项目进展的应用和服务。Mozilla 称该服务目前只是一个实验,仍处于测试阶段。Didthis 提供网站(官网)和 iOS 应用,未来还将推出 Android 版本。用户可以上传照片、视频和文字,并将它们组织到不同的个人兴趣项目中,这些内容默认为私密,未来计划添加社区功能。用户可以与其他用户或联系人共享自己的项目。

Mozilla has launched a new application called Didthis, which is designed to track and share the progress of personal hobby projects with like-minded individuals. Mozilla describes this service as an experimental project that is currently in the testing phase. Didthis is available as a website and an iOS app, with plans to release an Android version in the future. Users can upload photos, videos, and text, organizing them into various personal interest projects. By default, these contents are kept private, but there are plans to incorporate community features in the future. Users have the option to share their projects with other users or contacts.

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