iPhone 借力谷歌 Gemini,暗示苹果 AI 研发缓慢

我们稍早前报道,苹果正与 Google 讨论向新款 iPhone 植入后者的 Gemini 人工智能引擎。这无疑对 iPhone 和 Gemini AI 模型都是双赢的局面。但华尔街日报评论说,这 “同时也可能意味着,苹果公司开发自身 AI 能力的进展可能比投资者希望的要慢。

Earlier, we reported that Apple is in discussions with Google regarding the integration of Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence engine into the new iPhone. This undoubtedly presents a win-win situation for both the iPhone and the Gemini AI model. However, The Wall Street Journal comments, “It may also imply that Apple’s progress in developing its own AI capabilities could be slower than what investors had hoped for.”



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