Mozilla 停运地理定位服务 Mozilla Location Service

软餐获悉,Mozilla 宣布停止提供推出十几年的地理定位服务 Mozilla Location Service。Mozilla 的一名员工在 GitHub 上表示,Mozilla Location Service 的准确性逐渐下降,该组织没有计划重启这项服务。自 2024 年 3 月 13 日起,官方已不再接受新的申请。3 月 27 日开始,开发人员也无法再提供新的数据。4 月 10 日,Mozilla 开始删除数据集,6 月 12 日,拥有 API 密钥的开发人员将无法再访问该服务。Mozilla Location Service 只能由 Mozilla 员工使用。最后,GitHub 上的存储库将于 6 月 31 日进行归档。该服务的源代码仍将可用。Mozilla 在 2013 年推出了 Mozilla Location Service,这是一个隐私友好且开源的地理定位服务,利用公开可访问的 Wi-Fi 热点、蓝牙信标和 GSM 天线的地理定位数据。该地理定位服务旨在为商业地理定位服务提供一种替代方案,确保手机、平板电脑和计算机即使接收到弱或无 GPS 信号,仍然可以通过该服务确定其位置。

Mozilla has announced the discontinuation of its geolocation service, Mozilla Location Service, which has been in operation for over a decade. An employee of Mozilla stated on GitHub that the accuracy of Mozilla Location Service has gradually declined, and the organization has no plans to revive the service. As of March 13, 2024, new applications are no longer being accepted. Starting from March 27, developers are also unable to provide new data. On April 10, Mozilla began deleting datasets, and on June 12, developers with API keys will no longer have access to the service. Mozilla Location Service will be restricted to internal use by Mozilla employees. Finally, the repository on GitHub will be archived on June 31. The source code of the service will still be available.

Mozilla introduced Mozilla Location Service in 2013 as a privacy-friendly and open-source geolocation service that utilized publicly accessible data from Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth beacons, and GSM antennas. The service aimed to provide an alternative to commercial geolocation services, ensuring that mobile phones, tablets, and computers could determine their location even with weak or no GPS signals.

Mozilla停运地理定位服务Mozilla Location Service


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