iOS 17.4 发布,在欧盟支持第三方应用商店

苹果发布了 iOS 17.4,为 iPhone 提供了支持第三方应用商店的功能。此外,苹果还开放了 iPhone 的 NFC 芯片给外部开发者使用。通过这些变化,苹果希望符合欧盟的 DMA 法律要求。通过拥有自己的应用商店,开发者可以使用自己的支付方式,从而减少向苹果支付的佣金。在发布 iOS 应用之前,开发者仍需经过苹果的审核,并且对于下载次数超过一百万的应用,他们需要支付每次安装 50 欧分的费用。软餐早前报道,德国的数字服务提供商 Mobivention 将于本周三发布首个替代性 iOS 应用商店。Epic Games 也希望将 Epic Games Store 引入 iOS。

此外,浏览器开发商还可以发布不使用苹果 WebKit 内核的浏览器;iMessage 将获得改进的加密协议;Podcasts 应用将具备自动音频转录功能;还有新的表情符号发布;Siri 可以朗读收到的消息;iPhone 15 设备还可以分享更多有关电池健康状态的信息,例如充电周期数据。iOS 17.4 和 iPadOS 17.4 适用于支持 iOS 17 或 iPadOS 17 的所有设备。

Apple has released iOS 17.4, which brings support for third-party app stores to iPhones. Additionally, Apple has opened up the NFC chip on iPhones for external developers. With these changes, Apple aims to comply with the EU’s DMA (Digital Markets Act) regulations.

By having their own app stores, developers can use their own payment methods, thereby reducing the commission they pay to Apple. Developers still need to go through Apple’s approval process before releasing iOS apps, and for apps that are downloaded more than one million times, they are required to pay 50 euro cents per installation.

According to recent reports, German digital service provider Mobivention plans to launch the first alternative iOS app store this Wednesday. Epic Games also intends to bring the Epic Games Store to iOS.

Furthermore, browser developers will have the option to release browsers that don’t utilize the Apple WebKit engine. iMessage will receive an improved encryption protocol, the Podcasts app will have automatic audio transcripts, new emojis will be introduced, Siri will be able to read incoming messages, and iPhone 15 devices will be able to share more information about battery health, such as the number of charging cycles. iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 are available for all devices that support iOS 17 or iPadOS 17.

iOS 17.4发布,在欧盟支持第三方应用商店
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