FBI 关闭了勒索软件组织 BlackCat 的网站

美国联邦调查局(FBI)据称关闭了黑猫勒索软件组织(BlackCat)(又称为 Alphv)使用的一个网站。据网络安全专家 Erik Westhovens 透露,FBI 与美国司法部、欧洲刑警组织等多个机构合作关闭了该网站。但这一消息尚未被官方证实。有媒体测试发现该网站确实已无法访问。美国司法部较早前称,BlackCat 已经在全球范围内攻击了 1000 多个受害者,包括政府机构和紧急服务部门。2023 年 12 月,FBI 发布了 BlackCat 勒索软件的解密工具,使受害者能够重新访问其被加密的文件。该工具帮助受害者避免了高达约 9900 万美元的赎金支付损失。但就像 LockBit 勒索软件组织最近重新活跃一样,黑客可能会通过新的网站继续发动攻击。

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is reportedly said to have shut down a website used by the BlackCat ransomware group, also known as Alphv. According to cybersecurity specialist Erik Westhovens, the FBI collaborated with the U.S. Department of Justice, Europol, and other agencies to take down the website. However, this information has not been officially confirmed. Media testing has found that the website is indeed inaccessible. The U.S. Department of Justice previously stated that BlackCat had targeted over 1,000 victims worldwide, including government agencies and emergency services. In December 2023, the FBI released a decryption tool for BlackCat ransomware, enabling victims to regain access to their encrypted files. This tool helped victims avoid paying ransom losses of up to approximately $99 million. However, just like the recent resurgence of the LockBit ransomware group, hackers may continue launching attacks through new websites.



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