Win11 新功能:将安卓手机作为无线网络摄像头


软餐获悉,在最新的 Windows 11 预览版中,Windows 11 insider 内测用户现在可将 Android 设备用作无线网络摄像头。用户能够同时使用前置摄像头和后置摄像头作为网络摄像头。在通话过程中,可以切换摄像头或暂停画面,在某些设备上还可以启用 HDR。用户需要下载 Android 应用程序 “Link to Windows”(Google Play)并至少运行 Android 9 才能使用该功能。用户可以通过 Windows 的 “移动设备设置” 来配置网络摄像头。微软表示,网络摄像头功能适用于 Windows 11 的所有内测渠道的测试版本。尚不清楚何时正式可用。

In the latest preview version of Windows 11, Windows 11 Insider testers can now use their Android devices as wireless webcams. Users are able to utilize both the front and rear cameras as webcams. During video calls, they can switch between cameras or pause the video. HDR functionality is also available on certain devices. To use this feature, users need to download the “Link to Windows” Android application (available on Google Play) and have at least Android 9 installed. Users can configure the webcam through the “Mobile Device Settings” in Windows. Microsoft states that the webcam feature is available for testing across all Insider channels of Windows 11, but it is unclear when it will be officially released.

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