Win11 人工智能助理 Copilot 获得数十个新功能

微软为 Windows 11 中的人工智能助理 Copilot 添加了数十个新功能。例如,它可以显示无线网络、系统、设备或电池的信息;完成清空回收站、打开蓝牙、切换桌面背景等任务。视障用户可通过 Copilot 打开朗读功能、启动放大镜或打开高对比度模式。微软还为预览用户提供了一个插件,以执行自动化任务,例如编写电子邮件,使用来自 Internet 的信息创建 Excel 电子表格,更改文件名或移动具有特定大小的所有文档。上述新功能包含在 Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26058 中,适用于 Canary 和 Dev 频道。

Microsoft has added dozens of new features to the artificial intelligence assistant, Copilot, in Windows 11. For example, it can display information about wireless networks, system, devices, or battery status, and perform tasks such as emptying the recycle bin, turning on Bluetooth, or changing the desktop background. Visually impaired users can also use Copilot to enable the read-aloud feature, launch the magnifier, or activate high contrast mode. Microsoft has also introduced a plugin in the store for preview users who can perform automated tasks, such as writing emails, creating Excel spreadsheets with information from the internet, renaming files, or moving all documents of a specific size. These new features are included in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26058 and are available in the Canary and Dev channels.

Win11 人工智能助理Copilot获得数十个新功能
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