Win11 预览版本号大跃升,Win12 的第一个版本?


软餐获悉,Windows 研究者 @XenoPanther 分享称,微软在 Canary 通道(internal)发布的 Windows 11 预览版的版本号最近从 Build 26047 大幅跃升至 Build 27545。有人认为,版本号的巨大变化,说明 Build 27545 可能就是传闻已久的 Windows 12 的第一个版本。

上个月的消息显示,微软可能最早在 2024 年 2 月为 Windows 11 推出 “Moment 5” 更新。该更新将开放 Windows 11 24H2 的 Dev 和 Beta 频道。

Windows researcher @XenoPanther has shared that the version number of the Windows 11 preview build released on the Canary channel (internal) by Microsoft has recently jumped significantly from Build 26047 to Build 27545. Some speculate that this significant change in the version number indicates that Build 27545 could be the first version of the long-rumored Windows 12.

Last month’s reports indicated that Microsoft may introduce the “Moment 5” update for Windows 11 as early as February 2024. This update will open up the Dev and Beta channels for Windows 11 24H2.



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