Win11 截图工具将支持添加形状

软餐获悉,微软正为 Windows 11 上的截图工具( Snipping Tool)开发新的功能——Windows 研究者 @PhantomOfEarth 分享说,Win11 截图工具( Snipping Tool)将允许用户添加正方形、圆形、线条和箭头等形状,并支持更改颜色、打开或关闭形状填充,以及自定义轮廓的颜色和粗细等。预计微软将在 Windows 11 的下一个预览版本中发布这些功能。

Microsoft is currently developing new features for the Snipping Tool on Windows 11. Windows researcher @PhantomOfEarth shared that the Snipping Tool on Win11 will allow users to add shapes such as squares, circles, lines, and arrows. It will also support changing colors, enabling or disabling shape fill, and customizing outline colors and thickness. These features are expected to be released in the next preview version of Windows 11 by Microsoft.



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