OpenAI 终于推出 ChatGPT 聊天机器人商店


软餐获悉,当地时间 1 月 10 日,OpenAI 终于对外推出了其 GPT 商店 OpenAI GPT Store链接用户在该商店可找到由 OpenAI 合作伙伴或社区成员创建的 ChatGPT-AI 自定义聊天机器人,该商店包括 DALL-E 聊天机器人或写作、研究、编程和教育等类别。开发者可对这些机器人收费。GPT Store 可供 Plus 或 Enterprise 计划订户以及小型企业 Team 计划客户使用。OpenAI 表示,自推出以来,用户已经创建了超过 300 万个 GPT 机器人。

On January 10th, OpenAI finally launched its GPT Store, called the OpenAI GPT Store (link), to the public. Users can find custom chatbots created by OpenAI partners or community members in the store. The store includes categories such as DALL-E chatbots for writing, research, programming, education, and more. Developers have the option to charge for these chatbots. The GPT Store is available for Plus or Enterprise plan subscribers, as well as small business Team plan customers. OpenAI has stated that since its launch, users have created over 3 million GPT chatbots.



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