YouTube 允许播客主提交 RSS Feed 上传节目

软餐获悉,YouTube 通过帮助中心表示,该平台现在允许播客创作者通过提交 RSS Feed 订阅源的方式将播客上传到 YouTube。创作者可以选择将哪些分集上传到 YouTube,例如所有分集、特定日期后的分集或仅限未来的分集。这些剧集也会在 YouTube Music 上播放。默认情况下,由 YouTube 提供广告,不允许播客主插入自己的广告,但可在节目中朗读播报广告内容。

YouTube has announced through its Help Center that podcast creators can now upload their podcasts to YouTube by submitting an RSS feed. Creators have the option to select which episodes to upload, such as all episodes, episodes after a specific date, or only future episodes. By default, advertisements on the platform will come from YouTube itself, and podcast hosts are not allowed to insert their own ads. However, they can include host-read ad spots within their episodes.

YouTube允许播客主提交RSS Feed上传节目


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