OpenAI 将在本周推出聊天机器人商店

软餐获悉,OpenAI 向 ChatGPT 聊天机器人开发者发送的电子邮件显示,该公司希望在本周推出其 GPT 机器人商店,但未公布具体时间。GPT 商店此前推迟了原定于 12 月推出该商店的计划。邮件中,OpenAI 建议聊天机器人创建者(称为 “GPT Builders”)重新阅读新的使用条款和品牌指南。如果构建者希望将聊天机器人包含在应用商店中,他们还必须验证其个人资料并公开其聊天机器人。OpenAI 在 11 月的开发者大会上宣布,开发者可以基于 GPT-4 语言模型构建自己的 AI 聊天机器人。他们可以在应用商店中提供这些聊天机器人,并可对其收费。

An email sent by OpenAI to developers of the ChatGPT chatbot reveals that the company plans to launch its GPT Bot Store this week, although no specific time has been disclosed. The launch of the GPT Bot Store was previously delayed from its original schedule in December. In the email, OpenAI advises chatbot creators, known as “GPT Builders,” to review the new terms of service and brand guidelines. If builders wish to include their chatbots in the app store, they must also verify their profiles and make their chatbots public. OpenAI announced at the developer conference in November that developers can build their own AI chatbots based on the GPT-4 language model. These chatbots can be offered in the app store and can be monetized by the developers.



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