Surface Pro 10 和 Surface Laptop 6 将是首款 AI 电脑

软餐获悉,据 Windows Central 曝料,微软即将发布的 Surface Laptop 6 和 Surface Pro 10 将是首款基于人工智能的 PC 设备。这些设备配备了神经处理单元(NPU),旨在完成繁重的 AI 操作。Surface 设备的 Arm 版本将搭载定制的高通骁龙 X 系列芯片。据报道,这些芯片在内部称为 CADMUS,是专门为下一代 Windows 设计的,后者被外界称为 Windows 12。基于 ARM 的 Surface 设备将对标 Apple Silicon,这意味着它们可提供 “相似的电池寿命、性能和安全性”。据悉 Surface Pro 10 将采用更好更亮的显示屏,且支持 HDR。微软还在测试分辨率较低的版本(2160×1440)。

According to Windows Central, the upcoming Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 from Microsoft will be the first PC devices based on artificial intelligence (AI). These devices will be equipped with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) designed to handle intensive AI operations. The Arm versions of the Surface devices will feature custom Qualcomm Snapdragon X-series chips. These chips, internally referred to as CADMUS, are specifically designed for the next generation of Windows, rumored to be called Windows 12. The ARM-based Surface devices will be competing with Apple Silicon, meaning they will offer “similar battery life, performance, and security.” It is reported that the Surface Pro 10 will have a better and brighter display with HDR support. Microsoft is also testing a lower-resolution version with a resolution of 2160×1440.

Surface Pro 10和Surface Laptop 6将是首款AI电脑


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