iOS 版微软 Copilot 官方客户端上架了

软餐获悉,适用于 iOS 的官方 Copilot 应用程序已在 App Store 上架。几天前,该应用的安卓版也已发布。Copilot 客户端基于 GPT-4 运行,可以帮助回答任何问题、起草电子邮件、撰写故事或脚本、总结复杂的文本、生成图像等。

The official Copilot application for iOS is now available on the App Store. A few days ago, the Android version of the app was also released. The Copilot client is powered by GPT-4 and can assist with answering questions, drafting emails, writing stories or scripts, summarizing complex texts, generating images, and more.



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