Appcopier:轻巧的 Windows 设置项备份工具


Appcopier 是一款适用于 Windows 11 的第三方系统设置项备份工具。该工具可帮助本地/离线备份和恢复 Windows 首选项和设置,其备份过程相当快速和轻巧。开发者解释说,Appcopier 仅导出相应区域的注册表项、关联的文件夹和文件,因此备份过程非常快速,用户甚至感知不到等待。该软件理论上也支持 Windows 10,但开发者并不保证兼容性。

Appcopier 是如何工作的?很简单!仅导出相应区域的注册表项和/或关联的文件夹和文件。这个过程非常快速和轻巧,类似于苍蝇的重量。因此,如果第一个备份在纳秒范围内飞过,请不要感到惊讶。

GitHub 下载 Appcopier

Appcopier is a third-party system backup tool for Windows 11. This tool can help with local/offline backup and restore of Windows preferences and settings. The backup process of this software is quite fast and lightweight. The developer explains that Appcopier only exports the corresponding registry items, associated folders, and files in the respective region, so the backup process is very quick, and users may not even perceive any waiting time. In theory, this software also supports Windows 10 (compatibility not guaranteed by the developer).

Readers can download Appcopier from GitHub.



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