Arc 浏览器的开发商暗示将发布新产品

ACT II. A New Computer. /第二幕。一台新电脑。


See you in January / 一月份见

软餐获悉,开发 Arc 浏览器的纽约初创企业 The Browser Company 在 X(Twitter)平台上预告,它将在 2024 年 1 月 30 日宣布新品。推文写得相当模糊,“一台新电脑” 令人浮想联翩。The Browser Company 今年发布了备受关注的 Arc 浏览器,Mac 和 iOS 版本已开放下载,Windows 版的试用邀请也已开启。该浏览器有一些独特之处,包括将 URL 地址栏、选项卡和搜索栏放在了浏览器的左侧。软餐将持续跟踪新的消息。

The New York-based startup, The Browser Company, which developed the Arc browser, announced on the X (Twitter) platform that it will unveil a new product on January 30, 2024. The tweet was quite vague, arousing people’s imagination with the mention of “a new computer.” This year, The Browser Company released the highly anticipated Arc browser, with Mac and iOS versions available for download and trial invitations for the Windows version also being opened. This browser has some unique features, including placing the URL address bar, tabs, and search bar on the left side of the browser.



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