Arc 浏览器 Windows 版试用邀请开启

软餐获悉,位于纽约的初创公司 The Browser Company 宣布,基于 Chromium 的浏览器 Arc Browser 已开始向 Windows 用户发送 Beta 版试用邀请,未来几周内将邀请数百名 beta 测试用户加入 Arc 浏览器。现在读者仍可从其官网加入 Waitlist。此前该浏览器已率先开放了 Mac 和 iOS 版本的下载。与常规浏览器不同,Arc 浏览器将 URL 地址栏放在了左侧。Arc 不支持 cookie,并承诺不与他人共享搜索数据。开发人员使用了 Apple 的 Swift 编程语言开发了 Windows 版本。

The Browser Company, a startup based in New York, announced that its Chromium-based browser Arc Browser has started sending beta trial invitations to Windows users and will invite hundreds of beta testers to join Arc Browser in the coming weeks. Readers can still join the Waitlist on their official website. Previously, this browser had already released downloads for Mac and iOS versions. Unlike regular browsers, Arc Browser places the URL address bar on the left side. Arc does not support cookies and promises not to share search data with others. The developers used Apple’s Swift programming language to develop the Windows version.



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