Win10 结束支持将致 2.4 亿台 PC 报废

软餐获悉,数据分析公司 Canalys 估计,随着 2025 年 10 月微软结束对 Windows 10 的支持,全球将有 2.4 亿台 PC 进入垃圾填埋场。尽管微软将在 2028 年 10 月之前提供付费支持。Windows 11 要求设备支持 TPM 2.0,很多老款电脑被拦在了门槛之外,实际上这些设备性能并未过时,仍可出色应对各类任务。上个月,公共利益网络(The Public Interest Network)发布公开请愿书,呼吁微软延长 Windows 10 的使用寿命,以避免电脑报废带来的巨大资源浪费。

Data analysis company Canalys estimates that by October 2025, when Microsoft ends support for Windows 10, there will be 240 million PCs entering landfills worldwide. Although Microsoft will provide paid support until October 2028, many older computers are being excluded as they do not meet the requirement of TPM 2.0 for Windows 11. In fact, these devices still have capable performance and can handle various tasks effectively. Last month, The Public Interest Network issued a public petition calling on Microsoft to extend the lifespan of Windows 10 to avoid massive resource waste caused by computer disposal.

Win10结束支持将致2.4 亿台PC报废


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