Firefox Nightly 安卓版允许从文件安装扩展

最近 Firefox 安卓版宣布支持数百款浏览器扩展 的消息令人振奋,同时 Firefox 的实验版本 Firefox Nightly 也获得了一项新功能——可以从文件安装附加组件(扩展)。这对于安装某些未能被 Mozilla 官方上架的扩展很有帮助。

这项功能需要手动解锁。只需下载并安装 Firefox Nightly 安卓版,点击 Firefox Nightly 徽标 5 次,它将显示一条消息:“启用调试菜单/Debug menu enabled”。现在即可访问这个新功能了。要在 Firefox Nightly 安卓版上安装文件形式的附加组件,只需下载扩展的.XPI 文件后,在 Firefox Nightly 中选择菜单 – 设置 – 从文件安装附加组件/Install add-on from file – 选择设备上已下载的 XPI 文件,即可安装。需要注意的是,你可能需要手动更新这种方式安装的扩展。

Recently, the announcement that Firefox for Android supports hundreds of browser extensions is exciting news. At the same time, Firefox Nightly, the experimental version of Firefox, has also gained a new feature – the ability to install add-ons (extensions) from files. This is helpful for installing certain extensions that are not available on the Firefox Add-ons store. This feature needs to be manually unlocked. Simply download and install Firefox Nightly for Android, tap on the Firefox Nightly logo five times, and it will display a message: “Enable debug menu/Debug menu enabled.” You can now access this new feature.

To install file-based add-ons on Firefox Nightly for Android, simply download the .XPI file of the extension and then select Menu – Settings – Install add-on from file in Firefox Nightly. Choose the downloaded XPI file from your device to install it. It’s important to note that you may need to manually update extensions installed using this method.

Firefox Nightly安卓版允许从文件安装扩展


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