Windows Copilot 将支持置顶聊天

软餐获悉,Microsoft 365 路线图显示,微软的人工智能助理 Copilot 将很快支持置顶聊天(pinned chats)功能。借助此功能,用户可以最多置顶 15 个聊天,以便以后轻松访问。该功能将于 2024 年 1 月推出预览版,并将于 2024 年 2 月正式向所有用户推出。

The Microsoft 365 roadmap shows that Microsoft’s AI assistant, Copilot, will soon support the pinned chats feature. With this feature, users can pin up to 15 chats for easy access in the future. This feature will be available in preview version in January 2024 and officially released to all users in February 2024.

Windows Copilot将支持置顶聊天


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