Instagram 推出更换照片背景的 AI 编辑工具

软餐获悉,Instagram 为其网站推出了一个新的生成式 AI 工具,该工具允许用户将照片上的背景更改为 AI 生成的新背景。用户只需选择特定区域,输入生成式 AI 要填充的提示词即可。用户可将新照片共享到 Instagram Stories,其他用户可以点击 Stories 上的 “尝试” 提示,以重复使用背景。该功能目前适用于美国 Instagram 用户,暂不清楚何时在全球范围内推出。

Instagram announced today that it has launched a new generative AI tool for its website, which allows users to change the background of photos to a newly generated AI background. Users simply need to select a specific area and enter prompts for the generative AI to fill in. Users can share the new photos on Instagram Stories, and other users can click on the “Try” prompt on Stories to reuse the background. This feature is currently available for Instagram users in the United States, and it is unclear when it will be rolled out globally.



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