Edge 浏览器新功能:设置关闭最后一个标签页时的操作

软餐获悉,微软打算修改 Microsoft Edge 浏览器关闭最后一个标签页时的处理方式。现在在 Edge 浏览器的 Dev 和 Canary 版中,用户关闭最后一个标签页时,Edge 会为用户打开一个新的空白标签页,而不再像以前那样关闭整个浏览器。Opera、Firefox 等很多其他浏览器也支持这种设置,但在 Edge 中一直不被支持。如果要彻底关闭浏览器,用户需要点击空白标签页的关闭按钮,或者直接 Alt + F4。

Microsoft plans to modify the way Microsoft Edge browser handles closing the last tab. In the Dev and Canary versions of Edge browser, when users close the last tab, Edge will open a new blank tab for them. This setting is also supported by many other browsers such as Opera and Firefox, but it has not been supported in Edge until now. If users want to completely close the browser, they need to click on the close button of the blank tab or directly use Alt + F4.



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